Cloud based solutions for Golf Courses.

Now available for Pre-Order , shipping June 2022.

This device will get you golfing in no time. Equipped with a solar panel, you can get all your wind information on your phone from the cloud while cruising the green without having to worry about your device ending up without battery. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Strategic Positions

Place the ULP Cloud Ultrasonics around your golf course to measure the wind in different areas for the ultimate golf experience. 

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

The data on the cloud

The data collected from our ULP Cloud Ultrasonic is transmitted to the cloud and shown in a variety of graphs providing you with detailed information to best calculate your swing.



Diameter : 68 mm, Height: 65 mm

Weitht : 210 grams

Wind Speed

Range : 0,5 - 45 m/s or 0,5- 25 m/s

Accuracy : 0,1 m/s at 10 m/s

Wind Direction

Range : 0-359 º

Accuracy : ± 1 º RMS at 10 m/s

Wind Information

Online map view of real time, wind speed

and direction

Power & Firmware

Power : solar Panel, internal battery 

Firmware : Upgradable via bluetooth or cloud

IP Code



3xM4 lateral female thread

3xM4 interior female thread

Data Output

Configurable via eSIM, 1Hz reading

5¨- 10´aggregate , Sync to cloud 30¨- 30´

Now available for pre-order , shipping June 2022.

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